End-of-line systems are an integral part of the industrial production process. They are crucial for companies operating in the logistics and handling sectors. End of line systems are employed in the post-assembly phase to take charge of, package, and prepare products for shipment.

Palletizing Systems

The palletizing process consists of all the activities required to stack different types of products on pallets in an automatic and optimized way, preparing them for shipment to the customer. How do they work? Tecnolever palletizing systems – cartesian or anthropomorphic – pick up individual packages (sacks, boxes, and containers of any kind) from one or more positions and then stack them on pallets according to a programmed stacking model.
💡 It is important to make sure that the end of line palletizing system does not obstruct the normal production phases and that is supports the shipment. Our systems guarantee time optimization and an increase in stacking quantity and quality.

Depalletizing Systems

Tecnolever depalletizing systems allow automatic picking of individual packages from pallets. The packages are then placed on the production line. How do they work? Even the depalletizing robots can be of the Cartesian or anthropomorphic type.
💡 Each system can be equipped with accessories to perform complementary functions and increase the level of automation where required.

Robotic Palletizing Systems

Tecnolever robotic palletizing systems are equipped with the best robotics components available on the market. How do they work? Robotic palletizing systems allow handling of products from one place to another with pinpoint accuracy.
💡 Our robotic palletizing systems guarantee efficiency, increased productivity and cost reduction.

Roller and Belt Conveyors

We design and produce roller and belt conveyors for internal handling of goods between the various stages of production. How do they work? The modular design of our systems allows rapid reconfiguration of the line in the event of an extension or a resizing of structure – with possible addition of workstations.
💡 Tecnolever end of line conveyor systems are reliable, efficient and easily reconfigurable. Our systems are designed depending on the specific needs of use of each customer.

Other Productions


We are able to design and produce special machines and systems. Need a change in your production process? Together with you, we develop the perfect solution to address your needs.
💡 We pay careful attention to your needs, analyse your system and carry out a feasibility study based on time and cost evaluation. Our goal is to help you realize your idea.

Manual processes and small parts assembly

Ergonomic workstations workstations must be optimized according to the type of activity to be performed. For this reason, Tecnolever designs and produces modular and customizable aluminium workbenches. All our workbenches are pre-assembled and ready to be configured. This allows to obtain ideal workstations that can be easily integrated into the production chain. Our workbenches are also easy to move and reconfigure according to the future needs of the production line.
💡 The ergonomics of workstations is fundamental in the industrial environment, and even more so when dealing with physically demanding jobs that require operators to stand or move heavy objects for long hours. This is why we take into account every possible variable when designing our workbenches.

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